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Trial Nights Begin: Wednesday 30th October and Friday 1st November, and subsequent Wednesdays and Fridays for a few months. 
The Castle is delighted to announce that we’ve been granted our alcohol licence!
This month we’ll start selling alcohol in the Café. Now, once you’ve finished climbing, you’ll be able to relax with a celebratory (or consolatory!) beer or cider with your friends. 

"From daring to wear trousers in the mountains to knocking on 9a, the story of British female climbers is one of rebels and disrupters, trailblazers and game-changers. And now the stories of these women who rock are headed off on tour and may be coming to a climbing centre near you!"

Buying climbing shoes is always a bit of a mission. ‘Are they too tight?’, ‘Will they stretch?’, ‘What will they feel like on the wall?’ are some of the many questions that pop into our head as we slip our foot into an unknown territory.
Whether you are a first time buyer or a climbing veteran, buying a new climbing shoe comes with a degree of uncertainty. Unlike your street shoe size, different brands have different sizing, and different models within these brands also have different sizing. Phew! The task ahead is to find a shoe that not only fits, but that also performs.

The Slabs Castle Climbing Centre
They’re one of the favourite areas in the Castle, and a much-loved spot for top roping – absolutely nothing to do with its proximity to the Café’s famous brownies, of course…
But the time has come to give the Slabs a little love. This is one of the oldest sections of wall in the entire Castle, and an area this popular doesn’t last forever. 
After the last inspection we’ve decided the Slabs are due a bit of TLC, and so we’re taking advantage of the summer (our quietest time) to give them a facelift. 
Mike Langley with fellow commentator

I have been working at the Castle since 2004, for many years with the route setting department and currently as a Climbing Development Manager. Since 2016 I took on an additional role with IFSC (International Federation of Sports Climbing) as sports commentator. It started as a one-off job for the Climbing World Championships in Paris as cover for Gaz Parry and turned into and exciting part of my professional life allowing me to both draw upon my experience in climbing and route setting and providing me with plenty of learning opportunities from the international climbing scene.

We have a new artist at the Castle! Our revolving gallery is now hosting work by the talented Holly Weston from Weston Paints, who is as likely to be seen climbing as painting.

“I was born in Hackney and grew up in east London,” says Weston, who has been painting and drawing since childhood, inspired by artistic parents. “My dad was a traditional gilder and signwriter and painter of pub signs, and my mum painted murals all over my bedroom walls – and any other walls she could get her paintbrush on!”

Picture of the Castle

Excited to find out how you did at the Garden PartyComp? Read on to find out your score! 

Scores for all competitors listed below, thanks for joining us for another great event. 

If you are thinking of bringing your dog climbing in London, then here’s everything you need to know. 

Can I bring my dog climbing?

Different indoor walls have different policies. At the Castle, you can bring your dog as long as it’s off peak – meaning weekdays before 6pm. 

During our busier, peak hours you will not be able to climb with your dog. If you’re unsure, please call ahead – don’t just show up with your dog as we may have to turn you away. 

We’ve spotted a worrying development around The Castle lately. Our duty managers have spotted a new harness appearing on our climbers, which are currently on sale through websites like Amazon and claim to be proper climbing harnesses. Unfortunately, they are not.

A celebration of renewable energy and sustainable technologies!

Saturday 18th May

12 - 6 pm