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We’re a mixed use Centre – this means we house multiple different types of climbing all under one roof! If you want to know more about each discipline please visit our What's on Offer page. 

We regularly reset each area, so there is always something new to try! Check out our route setting rota here for updates on what's getting reset next.


Our Centre has over 10 different bouldering areas, including three outdoor boulders housed in our organic garden! The rest of the bouldering is spread across our unique building, meaning you'll get to explore every nook and cranny.

To indicate the difficulty of each climb, we use the V-grading system with a few tweaks. The easiest graded blocs are 'VB' and then it goes V0, V1, V2, etc...

In addition to set problems in each area we also have 5 circuits that are set across all the bouldering areas:

  • Kids: (yellow/purple swirls)
  • Beginner: VB - V0- (white/red spots)
  • Easy: V0-V1 (green)
  • Intermediate: V2-V3 (grey)
  • Hard: V4-V5 (pink)


We offer top-roping,  autobelay and lead climbing – with over 400 routes in the centre and at least 100 changing each month. 

All our routes are graded using the French grading system and are easily identifiable on each wall - these range from grade 4 up to 8a. Our tallest walls are 13m high and we recommend customers use a 30m rope for lead climbing.

Setting and Wall Closures

All our routes and boulders are reset on a regular basis by a team of in-house and guest setters. To minimise disruption we only set during off-peak times on weekdays, areas are typically re-open by 5pm.

On occasion we do close areas for events and competitions. This will always be advertised on our website, social media channels and by posters in the Centre. To prevent any disruption to your session, please check for regular updates.

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If you're new to climbing or want to brush up on your skills, take a look at our climbing couses.


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We only purchase climbing holds made in Europe – these have more stringent environmental standards and a smaller carbon footprint.
More sustainability...