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The Social
The Social is the Castle’s social climbers meet-up, always facilitated by a Castle team member. Anyone is welcome, regardless of your grade, as long as you’re a registered unsupervised climber.
The Social for top rope runs on Mondays and Thursdays, 7pm - 9pm.
You don’t need to pre-book the Social specifically, but you must have a valid entry to the centre for that evening, and be able to climb on top rope. 
Check in at Reception on a form located at the end of the counter, where you will also find the Social Facilitator for the night from 6.45 pm.
We hope to see you at the Social soon. 
The Castle Team

More Detail

The Social is here for any climber looking to become a part of the Castle climbing community. It’s a laid-back, enjoyable climb without pressure. It doesn’t matter what grade you normally climb, there’s no pre-requisite grade you need to hit to join the Social, but you do need to know how to top rope belay safely. 
We ask that before attending you read and agree to stick to our Social Code of Conduct.  
Whether you’re an experienced climber who is new to London, or you’ve just completed your intro course and are looking to consolidate your new skills with plenty of practice, you are welcome to join us. Whether you want to join us for a one-off because your belay partner is busy, or you want to be a regular and meet new climbing buddies, you’re welcome at the Social. 
You must be a registered unsupervised climber at the Castle to join the Social. By attending, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. 

How It Works

  • You’ll need to check-in at Reception (pre-booking if you’re coming pay per climb). There is no additional charge for attending the Social, but you will need to have a valid entry for standard entry to the Castle. 
  • You must be a registered unsupervised climber (i.e. no children, no novices, and no Bouldering Only entries please). To join the Social you need to know how to top rope belay safely.
  • We meet up by the reception from 6.45pm. If you arrive after, you can ask reception to point you to the Facilitator. Feel free to pick up a coffee or tea before you begin!
  • Your facilitator will help match you up with another like-minded climber. If there’s an odd number that night, our facilitator is there to even up the numbers. 
  • Then, we climb! You might want to swap partners with someone else, or stick to the same pairing – it’s up to you. 
  • At the end, you’re welcome to keep climbing with other Social goers. Get chatting and get to know your fellow climbers, it is called the Social after all! 

Some Things to Note

The role of the facilitator – this will always be a member of staff, but won’t always be a qualified instructor. They’ll be an enthusiastic and competent climber, but they aren’t here to teach you the skills or to provide coaching tips.
The code of conduct – please read this and stick to it. Any anti-social behaviour has no space at the Social! In the unlikely event that you feel another climber is overstepping the mark, please speak to our facilitator over the course of the evening. If anyone is found to be breaking this code of conduct, we reserve the right to ask that person to leave the Social.