Kids & families

Whether you’re brand new to climbing or you’ve been doing it for years, 

you’re in the right place!

For first timers, we have a fantastic section of kids and family courses to choose from below.

If you are an experienced rope climber, looking to bring your kids to the Castle, follow our step-by-step sign-up process.

A family climbing taster

Let one of our friendly instructors guide you through a family climbing session. You’ll try roped climbing and bouldering on our ever-popular Family Taster Session. Ages 7+.
No experience needed!

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Kids bouldering

Bouldering is climbing on short walls, above crash mats, without a rope. It’s great fun and super popular.

At the Castle, under 16s must be supervised by a qualified adult at all times. To become qualified, parents must attend our Bouldering Supervisor course, which will enable safe supervision of an under 16 while they use our bouldering facilities.


Bouldering supervisor

Courses just for kids

We offer a range of term-time climbing clubs, kids-only taster sessions, and school holiday courses. Our instructor-led courses cater to kids from ages 7+.

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For experienced rope climbers only...

As an experienced adult rope climber, you are not required to take a course to climb with under-16s. To be considered experienced, you must be able to demonstrate putting on a harness, tying in using a figure eight or bowline knot, and belay someone safely, using a belay device.

If you are an experienced rope climber and want to bring your kids (2x kids per qualified adult), you can sign-up below.

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Still not sure what’s right for you?

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