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Climbing Courses


Climbing is a fantastic way to get fit, build strength and stamina, meet people and make new friends.

Whether you are looking to learn the essential skills of rope work and belaying, boulder in the centre with confidence, take the next step into lead climbing or brush up on your skills & techniques, we have a course for you.

All of our instructors and coaches are passionate indoor and outdoor climbers. They are qualified and experienced in teaching climbing at all levels from beginners to more advanced climbers, and will be keen to pass on their knowledge to you.

Top Roping & Bouldering

Our introductory courses are for anyone who wants a fun and educational introduction to climbing. They are designed not only for people new to the sport, but also for those wishing to refresh old skills.

Leading, Multi-pitch and Rescues

Are you a competent top-rope climber and belayer looking for a new physical and mental challenge? Why not open up a whole array of new routes for you to enjoy by learning how to lead climb. Lead climbing adds a further exciting dimension to your climbing indoors.
The next step after learning to lead indoors is to take your skills into the great outdoors. Our sport multi-pitch course teaches you the essential skills to climb safely outdoors including rope management, setting up anchors and abseiling. The rescue workshop is designed for competent outdoor climbers, who are already comfortable leading sport routes, traditional multi-pitch climbs, or sea cliff climbing.

Movement & Technique

When searching for improvement it’s easy to focus on increasing strength and fitness and hope good technique will somehow develop at the same time.
Climbing movement/technique is very important to being able to climb well and progress through the grades. Moving efficiently when climbing will help more than doing any number of one arm pull ups!

Our experienced coaches will show you ways in which to position your body enabling you to climb with the minimum of effort. This knowledge is essential for the development of both boulderers and roped-climbers alike.

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