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Access Autobelay


Do you have an interest in using the auto belays, but have a general mistrust in putting your faith in them? Or you don’t know how to use them or don’t own your own harness and how to fit one?

If this is the case, our Access Autobelay course could be the answer!

If auto belays freak you out, taking our Access Auto Belay course will help to ease your fears and provide you with an understanding of how they work; teach you how to make safety checks of the auto belays and yourself; and how to get the best out of them. By the end of the hour we guarantee you will be dropping from the top with a yeeha!

So what is an Auto Belay?

The TRUEBLUE Auto Belay uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system which adjusts automatically to suit the weight of the climber, providing a smooth descent.

  • Climbers clip into the auto belay system by the use of a carabiner to their harness.
  • As they ascend the wall, the tape they’re attached to retracts with them back into the device.
  • At the top the climber lets go and the auto belay tape works very similar to that of a car seatbelt. Once the resistance of the climber is felt, the magnets kick in and provide a smooth descent back to the ground.

Why Use an Autobelay?

Bouldering Only climbers
Maybe you’re a boulderer who wants to access more of the awesome climbing in the centre, but don’t want to do an intro course and don’t have an experienced partner to teach you the ropes.
The Access Auto Belay session will introduce you to the safety equipment needed to use the auto belays and how to use it correctly.

Once you've completed an Access Auto Belay session you will be able to fill in a waiver to say you can use the auto belays safely and use them anytime you visit.

Belay No Mates!
If you’re a roped climber who’s sick of relying on flakey belay partners or you want to squeeze in a quick session and blast out a load of routes in record time without organizing a partner, the auto belays are a perfect solution!

Auto belays are a great tool for training too; a way to work on your climbing stamina and endurance. The ability to climb laps in quick succession without having to swap over belayers, makes it perfect to incorporate into a workout or training programme.

Autobelay training programme
TRUEBLUE have designed a training programme (downloadable here) to help any level of climber improve their overall health, endurance and to strengthen already existing skill-sets.
Please note: The programme has been written for an American audience so descriptions of marked routes and the grading system will differ.

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