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Find out if it’s for you; get in touch with our friendly team.

Email or phone 020 8211 1082.

Private Tuition Prices

£50/hr for one person
£75/hr for two people
£100/hr for three people

£125/hr for four people

Coaching Prices

Assessment & Written Feedback: £150

Assessment, Written Feedback + 3 hours to be used for Follow Up sessions or Training Plan cycles: £300

6 hours to be used for Follow Up sessions or Training Plan cycles: £300

Single Hour: £55


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Private Tuition & Coaching

Finding a climbing coach or receiving private tuition is the most personal way to learn or improve your climbing technique. Choose to learn 1:1 with the Castle’s nationally qualified staff.

Coaching or Private Tuition: which is best for you?

If you want to learn or refresh your hard skills (the technical elements of climbing such as how to belay or climbing best practice) then Private Tuition is for you. We can teach refresher courses or complete beginners, either 1:1 or up to four people per instructor, with each session tailored to exactly what you want to learn.

If you’re a more experienced climber wanting to hone your skills, perfect your technique or push yourself to achieve a specific goal, then climbing coaching is for you. You’ll work closely with one of our experienced, nationally qualified climbing coaches for bespoke training that is unique to you and will help you take your climbing to the next level.

With Private Tuition you will… With Coaching you will…
  • Receive expert tuition either 1:1 or up to four people per instructor
  • Set your agenda: we’ll tailor the tuition to suit you
  • Choose a time that suits you
  • Learn or refresh climbing skills at your own pace
  • Get the benefit of your instructor’s undivided attention
  • Come away with a better understanding of best practice for your future climbs
  • Work 1:1 with a nationally qualified climbing coach
  • Develop continuously over time to meet your goals
  • Be objectively assessed in your current stage of climbing development
  • Receive individual training and advice 
  • Enjoy deliberate, structured coaching and a training plan that’s unique to you
  • Focus on the area in which you wish to see the most improvement
Find out more about Private Tuition 
Find out more about Climbing Coaching 

Not for you?

The Castle offers a variety of small group climbing courses for all levels, from a comprehensive Introduction to Climbing, to Learn to Lead Climb courses, to Movement Skills Courses.

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