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If you are thinking of bringing your dog climbing in London, then here’s everything you need to know. 

Can I bring my dog climbing?

Different indoor walls have different policies. At the Castle, you can bring your dog as long as it’s off peak – meaning weekdays before 6pm. 

During our busier, peak hours you will not be able to climb with your dog. If you’re unsure, please call ahead – don’t just show up with your dog as we may have to turn you away. 

We’ve spotted a worrying development around The Castle lately. Our duty managers have spotted a new harness appearing on our climbers, which are currently on sale through websites like Amazon and claim to be proper climbing harnesses. Unfortunately, they are not.

A celebration of renewable energy and sustainable technologies!

Saturday 18th May

12 - 6 pm

This Saturday 27th April, is T

**Opening Mid-May**

We've partnered with Paraclimbing London to bring you an exciting event on Sunday 7th April! The Paraclimbing London crew will be in the Centre having a climbing meet-up and you're all invited.

The group's focus is to make climbing more accessible, reducing barriers a paraclimber may face at the wall. Join us to discover a new way of climbing and learn more about the group. 

Spring is on the way...

Come celebrate the start of spring in the garden

on Saturday 23rd March

from 12 - 5 pm


The Castle Shop is looking for enthusiastic, gear-obsessed climbers, with experience in retail, to help explain and sell our kit and caboodle.

Is this you? Then we want to hear from you!

THE CASTLE  CAFÉ  is looking for a CHEF who is passionate about sustainable, veggie & vegan food.

Sound like you? Get in touch! 
  • An experienced chef, used to working in commercial kitchens
  • Flexible and creative approach to cooking, able to make the most of our seasonal garden produce
  • Able to cook both savoury and sweet dishes to a high standard
  • A professional manner and good communicator 
  • Able to work independently: planning menus, budgeting for dishes and ordering 
  • Knowledge of food hygiene and allergens 
Womens Bouldering Social

We're looking for someone to help us run the Session! 

This is a social drop-in service offered to registered climbers at the Castle, overseen by one of our facilitators. Your role would be to facilitate the meeting of like-minded people to climb together. These are not coaching sessions, and facilitators are not expected to provide instruction or give coaching tips. 

If you're available to work:

  • 7-9pm Mon to Fri
  • 2-5pm Sat and Sun and Bank holidays

Then please consider applying!