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Coming Soon… the Forge!


We were going to keep this under our hats, but frankly we’re just too excited to keep it quiet any longer… 

We have been working on a brand new top-notch climbing training facility, coming to you this October

Despite the challenges of 2020, we’re proud to be bringing you this exciting development. In order to enable you to train, focus, and bring your climbing to the next level, we are creating a whole new space in its own building dedicated entirely to climbing training and endurance. This will be the place to push yourself – mentally and physically – with an all-in-one area with everything you could need. We’re calling it The Forge. 

Work is still happening constantly on The Forge. Our focus is to make it the best possible facility. We don’t want to spoil all the surprises, because we have some real treats in store for you, but to whet your appetite here’s a sneak preview of our newly completed 45-degree board… 

This area will also be used for exclusive 1-2-1 coaching with the Castle’s elite team of coaches, and for training with our young athletes on the Squad. 

The Forge will be opening its doors sometime in October. It’s a bold and
ambitious plan to undertake this development right now, but we reckon it’s
time to have something incredible to look forward to. 

We cannot wait to share more updates with you as plans progress.
Stay glued to the Castle social media for real time updates!