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Castle Reopening Roadmap: Outdoor Boulders

As I am sure you are aware the Government has put together an initial Roadmap out of lockdown which was announced last week and if all goes to plan will see us back to some normality in the coming months!  

When will the Centre Open? 

Based on the information provided by the Government, the Castle will phase re-opening, starting with the outdoor boulders on 29th March and the main Centre by 12th April. 
Planned Dates: 
Outdoor Boulders Open from – 29th March  
Main Centre Open from – 12th April 
We are waiting on updates from the government about reopening the café and shop.

Reopening the Outdoor Boulders - 29th March


Do I have to book?

Yes. The outdoor boulders will be open for those who have pre-booked on our website. Bookings must be made individually on a single visit basis. If you have an access pass, your pass will reactivate automatically when the full centre reopens, but you are very welcome to visit the outdoor boulders on a single visit booking. This is only for the two weeks when just the outdoor boulders are open. 

When can I book?

Bookings for the full centre will open midday on Monday 5th April, assuming all is going to plan with the April reopening and we don’t get a change of date from the government!

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel your session yourself using our booking system. You can cancel up to 3 hours before the start of your session. Read our cancellation policy here.

Will other COVID restrictions be in place? 

Yes, we’ll be keeping the same safety measures in place as we had at Christmas. This means:
Outdoor Boulders – pre-booking required, COVID declaration, and a maximum capacity of 40 climbers at any time. Handwashing sinks and hand sanitizer will be provided – please use them! We also ask that you respect the 2m outdoor rule at all times, unless you are climbing with someone from your household bubble. 
Main Centre - pre-booking required, COVID declaration, and a maximum capacity of 160 climbers at any time. You will need to wear a mask or face covering at all times when inside the centre unless exempt. Handwashing sinks and hand sanitizer will be provided – please use them! We also ask that you remember to social distance at all times, unless you are climbing with someone from your household bubble. 

Can I bring my kids? 

We have great news – we’re relaxing who can climb at the outdoor boulders! This time, we’ll be welcoming everyone, including children and novices, and we’re so psyched. Climbing is for everyone, but last summer we were cautious because of the extra safety for COVID. But thanks to the success of the outdoor boulders last summer, we now feel confident we can operate this area safely and still be sure everyone can have a great climb. So everyone is welcome! 
Our normal requirements for climber supervision apply – to supervise a child, you must be a fully competent adult climber, which includes rope climbing knowledge. This is because of our entry policy for the whole Castle. If you are an adult who normally boulders with your children at other centres, please be aware that bouldering competency alone does not enable you to supervise a child at the Castle. Please see our Bringing your Children Climbing page for more details.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions and current maximum capacity, all members of your party need to book and pay for a climbing slot, even if you do not intend to climb. This includes supervising adults.  
Please note: Everyone needs to register at the Castle and fill out an acknowledgement of risk form online if you haven’t already. You must also fill out a novice supervision form if you plan to supervise. Doing these online before you arrive will save you hassle and gives you more time to climb! 

Have the boulders been reset?

Heck yeah they have. Our maintenance team have been in and signed off the boulders safe for use, they’ve been thoroughly cleaned and will have a fresh new set on them for you to come and play. 

Can I Go Into the Main Centre and Garden?

No, the main centre remains closed and there will be no access to hire lockers. Access to the Garden is restricted and this will be cordoned off as a staff only area.

Where can I use the loo?

Our unisex composting loo will be available, with hand washing sink plus antibacterial gel available, but there will be no access to the main centre. There will be no changing facilities – so come ready to climb! 

Can I hire shoes?

Yes! We will now have shoe hire available on the day, and will be sanitising them between uses. Even so, please wash your hands before trying on hire shoes and we encourage you to wash your hands after returning them to us as well. 

Can I Use The Shop and the Café?

There will be a small kiosk outside with drinks and snacks, and a few essentials like chalk and tape. So you should have the things that you need, but unfortunately the main Shop and Café buildings remain closed for the time being. 

Can I Use My Access Pass? 

We will be keeping Access Passes suspended until the main Castle reopens, which hopefully will be the 12th April. All frozen Access Passes will resume automatically when the main centre reopens, and you will be credited the outstanding days from last month so you won’t lose out. 

New Terms & Conditions

Please read our new T&Cs carefully, there have been changes in light of the changes to our operations. 


Terms and Conditions