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To book a Taster Session:

Email or phone 020 8211 7000.



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Climbing with Children

Climbing with children is great fun. If you’re visiting the Castle for the first time and you're climbing with children (by which we mean anyone under the age of 18), then there are two ways to do it depending on the climbing experience of the supervising adult. 

Bringing children (U18s) into the Centre, you have two options, depending on your level of experience:

  1. Experienced roped climbers can supervise maximum 2 children in the centre
  2. Bouldering only (or less experienced climbers) need to join an instructed session - either a Family or Kids Taster with one of our instructors, or from March 2024, a Bouldering Supervision Course 

If the supervising adult is an experienced rope climber…

If you, the adult, can safely put a harness on, tie in using a figure eight or a bowline knot, and belay safely another climber, then you can supervise the child, but you will need to register as an unsupervised roped climber first. You’ll need to fill in our Unsupervised Adult Climber form and answer some safety questions from our reception team. You can do this on the day or in advance on our website.

After that you will be able to sign in up to 2 children (or adults) as novice climbers. 

If the supervising climber is not a competent rope climber (yet!) or is a bouldering member, please don't turn up with your children expecting to climb.

In order to supervise children on bouldering walls adults MUST attend a pre-booked session with one of our friendly Instructors.

We offer a Bouldering Only Supervision Course for parents/guardians who would like to supervise novices on our bouldering walls.

For information and booking onto the  Bouldering Only Supervision Course, please follow this link.

We also offer two Taster Sessions where you’ll be supervised by one of our instructors. Tasters are specially designed to be fun and exciting for children wanting to have a go at climbing for the first time. It won’t teach you the skills you need to climb unsupervised at the centre, but will be an excellent way to try climbing as a one-off or a cost-effective way to find out if it’s for you. 

Family Taster Sessions – adults and children can try climbing together under the supervision of one of our qualified instructors. Please note: advance booking is required so we can ensure we have the right number of instructors ready! 

Kids Taster Sessions – children can try climbing under the supervision of one of our qualified instructors, adults are free to leave or enjoy a slice of cake in our café whilst you wait! Again, advance booking is required. 

If you realise you love climbing as much as we do, then adults can go on to become a registered rope climber by completing an Introductory Course another time. This course will teach you the skills you need to climb safely and supervise up to 2 children at the centre.

All our taster sessions and courses need to be booked in advance.  

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