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Acknowledgement of Risk Form - NEW

The Castle is updating our registration process.

From our full reopening on Saturday 25th July 2020 we will be asking all climbers to sign our new Acknowledgement of Risk form. This will take the place of our previous Unsupervised Climbing and Bouldering Registration Form.

All climbers over the age of 18, regardless of competency or whether you have climbed at the Castle before, must sign the new Acknowledgement of Risk form before climbing at the Castle from August.

This form can be completed online before your first visit to the Castle after July 2020. This is then valid for 3 years, so you only have to do it once! 

Please note: if you arrive at the Castle with a valid booking but haven't signed the Acknowledgement of Risk form, you will be asked to complete before your session starts. Please fill in online in advance to save time at Reception - time that would be better spent climbing!

Fill in Acknowledgement of Risk Form

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