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Sustainable Beekeeping Course

Next available: Friday 30th July - Sunday 1 August. 10am - 5pm 

People are becoming increasingly aware of the issues around honeybees and their ecological importance. We all know they pollinate our fruits and vegetables but do we know the impact our Beekeeping practices are having on the health of the honeybee? 

With experienced natural beekeeper, Sean Hearn, we will look at beekeeping practice from a holistic perspective and seek to explore what a practice would look like if bee health and bee-centred design were at its core, rather than honey production. The course starts by seeking to understand the honeybee as deeply as possible. This includes basic biology, swarming behaviour and honeybees in the wild. We view this knowledge as an essential starting point on the journey to more sustainable ways of working with bees. We will also seek to place honeybees in the context of the wider ecology and spend time understanding other types of bee including bumblebees and solitary bees. Then grounded in our understanding of bees we will then look into the craft of sustainably working with bees. This will include sustainable hive design, Warre management throughout the season, swarming, honeybee health and the sustainable harvest of honey, wax and propolis. 

This course is for anyone from beginners to experienced beekeepers who are interested in learning about more sustainable methods of beekeeping. 

We are asking for £250 for the 3 day course and £175 concession rate and we are more than happy to talk about payment plans to make accessing this course possible. 
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