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Reuser Cups Arrive in the Castle Café!

Have you seen the latest sustainable stars to arrive in the Castle Café? They’re called Reuser Cups and we’re excited to be part of this movement toward kick-starting the coffee cup revolution. 
We all know single use cups aren’t the best things for the planet – even the compostable ones that we’ve been using up until now still use resources to produce and transport, even if they do biodegrade afterwards. So by moving to Reuser cups, we’re reducing our impact even further and we’re here for it. 

How It Works

Next time you visit the Castle, choose a Reuser cup (you’ll need to sign up to the Reuser network, but it doesn’t take long). 
The Castle team will fill the Reuser cup with your beverage of choice, which you’re then free to leave with. 
Once you’re done with your drink, return the Reuser cup to any one of the Reuser drop off stations throughout Hackney (ours is installed right next to the Café exit, if you want to use that). DO NOT THROW IT AWAY – no more single use coffee cups for us. 
All cups are collected and washed to professional standard, so next time you want a coffee you’ll get a perfect clean up with many more uses left in it. Just as convenient, but more sustainable and ethical.

Benefits of Reuser:

- You can take away your drink to enjoy, so if you want to go for a walk round the Reservoir after your climb, it is no problem
- Convenient, with new drop-off points being added all the time
- Reduces the environmental impact of single use cups
- If you forget your own travel mug, no trouble – just choose to reuse!
We’re proud to be part of the Reuser network and hope our climbers are keen to give it a try.

How to Return Your Reuser Cups

Reuser has a network of drop-off points across London. Check out the map of the network here – new drop-off points are being added all the time as more businesses sign up to Reuser, making it more and more convenient. 
Just remember – please DON’T leave a Reuser cup in a standard bin, as this defeats the object and you may be charged for not returning your cup to the network. This includes non-Reuser branded bins around the Castle, we can’t guarantee our cleaning team will find it for you.  

What about COVID?

Reuser cups present no additional risk of transmission. You’ll have no more contact with your Castle staff member than with the compostable cups we have been using up until now. After every use each cup is cleaned to a professional commercial standard, the same as if drinking from a china mug. The difference is with Reuser you can take your coffee away with you from the Castle, and leave it at any of the other collection points in the Reuser network without contributing to the production of new cups. This brilliant innovation works collaboratively with other businesses in the area and is a shining light of how cooperation is key to tackling the climate crisis.