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Managing Your Castle Membership

Here you can find out how you can manage your own membership online. 

How to cancel your membership
How to freeze your annual membership
How to upgrade or downgrade your monthly membership
Resetting your password


How to Cancel your Castle Membership 

  1. Head to your Capitan profile: and scroll down to “My Memberships & Passes”.  
  2. Click “Manage” 
  3. Click “Cancel Membership” 
  4. Check the details displayed and to confirm the cancellation click “Yes, cancel my membership”. 

Please note, as per the T&Cs: 

You may cancel your Anytime Monthly or Off Peak Monthly Membership plan at any time after purchase – there is no minimum term. 

Cancellations are valid from the next full month ahead i.e mid-month cancellations will not receive a partial refund and the membership will remain active until the end of the monthly term. A month refers to the 30/31 day term from when you began your Anytime plan. 

Cancellations must be processed in advance of the payment date. Late cancellations will be processed from the following month and no refund given. 


How to Freeze Your Annual Membership 

To Freeze your Anytime Annual Membership please first note the T&Cs: 

  • Plan must be active for 1 month before the initial freeze. 
  • Plan can be frozen for a total of 3 months. 
  • Must be frozen for a minimum of 1 month. 

For extenuating circumstances contact the Membership Services Manager who will assess on a case-by-case basis. 

To Freeze your Annual membership please contact Reception - Freezes will only be processed when the Centre is open. We cannot freeze in advance or back date freezes. 

Please note, Monthly membership cannot be frozen. 


How to Upgrade or Downgrade your Monthly Membership 

You cannot up/downgrade your membership during the current month (a month refers to the 30/31 day term from when your last payment was taken for your Anytime plan). 

If you wish to change membership types, you must cancel your current membership. The membership will run until the end of the month (month - as described above) and you will be able to continue to climb. No partial refunds will be given. 

You must then purchase the membership you would prefer. You can either do this as soon as you have cancelled your current membership, by choosing a start date in the future (after the end of your current plan). Or you can wait for your current plan to expire before purchasing a new one. 


Resetting Your Password

If you have trouble accessing your Capitan account you can reset your password  

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