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Yoga & Fitness Classes

To complement your climbing, the Castle hosts a range of holistic classes run by independent instructors, all tailored towards climbers. We try to offer a variety of classes, including yoga and pilates for strength and flexibility. 

Sessions are run by qualified instructors. The Castle just hosts the classes, so to reserve a space and pay for your class you'll need to speak directly with the instructors. For more information, contact them directly via email or weblink. 


Pilates with Sarah - Friday evenings


Join Sarah for pilates class - great for increasing mobility and flexibility, strengthening your core and aid active recovery. Sarah is a founding member of the Body Control Pilates Academy 

Returning October Friday evenings.



Pilates with Elsie - Sunday afternoons from January 9th 

Ever wished you were taller to make a big reach, more flexible for a high step or stronger to hold or prevent a swing?

Not only does Pilates increase your flexibility helping you to make tall moves, high steps, and rok-overs easier, but it also improves core strength by engaging the deeper layers of your core stabilising muscles. 

Come and try a Dynamic Pilates class!

Yoga for Climbing - Returning January 2022

Sophie is a climber and has been a yoga instructor for 7 years. Her classes are tailored to help climbers develop strength and flexibility, keeping the body balanced. Her classes include Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin.  £12 pay as you go or block book 5 classes for £10 each. All levels welcome.

Returning January. Thursdays 7.30-8.30 pm.

Contact Sophie:

Book online: Sophie Lewis Yoga