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Bringing a Novice

Novice supervision is a great way to introduce your friends and family to climbing, to boulder with them and to belay them when they do their first roped climbs. 

It's important to us that climbing is accessible for everyone and done in a safe manner. Here are a few key takeaways from our novice supervision policy:

  • Only experienced adults (over 18) can supervise a novice
  • Bouldering only climbers cannot supervise novices - you must be a registered competent roped climber
  • Supervisors can bring up to 2 novices
  • Under 18s must climb under the supervision of an experienced adult**
  • If you are supervising a minor you must have permission from their parent or guardian to supervise them
  • There is no minimum age for the novices under supervision

We expect supervisors to remain with their novice at all times, and particular care should be taken when supervising children in the Centre. If you'd like to read more about bringing children please visit our 'Bringing Children' page.

*Able to put on a harness, tie in and belay safely.

** Young climbers (14-17 years) can climb unsupervised if they complete an under 18 assessment.

Becoming a competent climber takes time and practice. Even if you’ve covered the basic safety points, your guest may not be ready to climb unsupervised.  Our staff are here to help you - if there’s anything you’re not sure about just ask one of our Duty Managers. 

A full list of FAQs can be found here.

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