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There are four types of climbing that you can do at The Castle: 

Bouldering - climbing on shorter walls, without a rope above crash mats.  

Top Roping - climbing on longer walls, with a fixed rope. The rope runs from the belayer at the bottom of the route to an anchor system at the top and back down to the climber.

Lead Climbing - climbing on longer walls, without a fixed rope. As the climber ascends the route, they clip the rope into safety equipment attached to the wall.

Autobelay – this is an automatic device that takes up slack as the climber ascends the wall and controls the decent, eliminating the need for a belay partner.

If you would like to use our roped facilities, you will need to be able to put on a harness, tie in and belay someone safely. We offer Learn to Climb courses that teach you these skills.