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Unparallel Review: Uprise


Disaster!! My climbing shoes have changed! They’re a totally different shape now. And to make things worse they were my all rounder shoes. The shoes that give me a balance between edging and smearing, perfect for a long day climbing routes but still enable me to get up some hard boulders. Tough act to follow. 
Enter Unparallel. A new company from America. I am currently trying out the Uprise and so far I am very impressed. Firstly the technical bits:
-        A flat asymmetric shoe, perfect for slab climbing, but aggressive enough for when you need to toe down on a steep overhang
-        There is a large patch of rubber on the toe box making them great for toe hooking
-        The heel cup is fully wrapped with rubber giving the back end great stability even on some pretty thin heel hooks
Unparallel make their shoes from two types of rubber: rubber hard and rubber soft. Nice and easy to follow. 
The Uprise has the rubber hard – this works well for both edges and smears. They excel on tiny edges and after a few sessions they’ve broken in enough that I feel confident on those barely there smears. Another benefit is that the Uprise is a synthetic shoe meaning they won't stretch too much. They’re also one of the few shoes out there that can claim to be fully vegan, glue and all. I have only worn them for a few session, but so far no build quality issues.
What else can I say? Having been pretty crest fallen about my previous shoes having changed so much (worn the same shoe model for about 6 years) I am super psyched to have stumbled across Unparallel. I'm looking forward to the many sessions I'm definitely going to be having in these shoes and can't wait to try more of their range.

And here you have a video of climbing a V16 in the Uprise. Can’t think of any better advertising for Unparallel! 

Review written for us by DM.