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Many people use their climbing sessions as a way to keep fit or to train to reach their climbing goals.  The Castle offers dedicated training facilities to help you achieve your objectives, whatever they are.

Training facilities

The Gym – Perched above The Cave, climbers can use the gym to warm up, rehabilitate injuries, do complementary strength training and improve their aerobic training. The gym has the following equipment:

  • Exercise bike
  • Concept 2 rowing machines
  • Vertical Knee Raise / Pull up / Dip station
  • Free weights (dumbbells, straight and combo bar)
  • Squat Stand and Bench press

Campus Board- The campus board is one of the most widely used (and mis-used) training aids in the climbing world. Climbers ascend and/or descend wooden rungs using only their hands as a way to develop finger and arm strength. The campus board was developed by the legendary Wolfgang Gullich in 1988 as a way to train specifically for his project, Action Directe (which was the hardest route in the world at the time). The campus board replicates a move required to do the route and is named such because it was hung at a university gym called the Campus Centre. The term ‘campus’ now refers to footless climbing. The Castle has three different sized wooden rungs as well as climbing holds.

Fingerboards- We’ve got a fingerboard for every taste! Our current selection of fingery fun includes:
2 x moon board
2 x simulators (metolius)
2 x beastmaker (1000 series)
1 x beastmaker (2000 series)
1 x karma board

Olympic Rings - For something a bit more specific than a pull up bar try our Olympic Rings, located next to the Campus Board.

Pull Up Bar- If you don’t need anything too fancy, we’ve got a plain vanilla pull up bar located in the stretching area next to the Catacomb.

Who can use it?

The Gym is only available to registered climbers and supervised novices.  Remember, while this equipment can aid your training, if used incorrectly it can easily lead to injury. Under 18's are particularly at risk and some of the equipment is unsuitable for their use. 16 and 17 year olds may use the gym with parental consent following an induction (contact Reception to book an induction).

Download: 16-17 year old Parental Consent / Gym Induction


A private coaching session is a great way to assess your strengths and weaknesses, develop your technique and build a training programme.  Our coaches can work with you as a one-off or over a longer period of time to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

Private coaching starts at £44/hr for one person and can be booked at Reception ( , 020 8211 1066).

A number of professional climbers also offer one-to-one and group coaching sessions at The Castle.

Personal Training

For personalised strength and conditioning, try a personal training session with one of our Castle Associates.

Training and Skills blog

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