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Accepting applications until 20th January 2019. 

Please send your completed application form to

Find out more about the Castle as a sustainable business.

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The Castle Sustainability Fund

The Castle Climbing Centre is delighted to launch the Castle Sustainability Fund: a fund created to support grassroots projects in the UK and around the world to tackle climate change and social inequality. 

The Castle has committed to investing 10% of annual profits each year into The Castle Sustainability Fund. This money will be used to fund grassroots and sustainable projects anywhere in the world in response to the global climate crisis. 

Mission Statement

The Castle Sustainability Fund aims to empower and facilitate communities to face the challenges of a changing natural environment and patterns of distribution and abundance by supporting projects with a deep understanding of complex social-ecological systems. Our goal is to help equitable, resilient communities access the tools needed to thrive in a healthy and safe environment, and then collaborate to protect it.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Helping communities develop their own capabilities and resilience to tackle the complex challenges facing humanity and the planet
  • Building long lasting friendships and partnerships with communities and projects around the world by using a participatory approach and offering our skills and support beyond the financial award
  • To create the conditions for everyone to live in safe and healthy environments
  • To promote biodiversity, wildlife and wilderness conservation
  • To prioritise people and the planet over profit

Applications Are Open! Deadline 6th March

If you would like to apply for a grant from the Castle Sustainability Fund, please do so using the following application form. Applications are due by the 6th March 2020. 

download icon Download the application

Please send your completed application form to

Get in Touch

Any questions, please email with your ideas.

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