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Workshops and more at the Summer Sustainability Fair!


A celebration of renewable energy and sustainable technologies!

Saturday 18th May

12 - 6 pm

Hope you can join us in the Make Your Own Shift community space at the Castle and in the garden for this exciting event.
Here's what's on: 
- Renewable and sustainable technologies demos and workshops led by PPL PWR (12-4pm)
- Talks on all things sustainable (4-6pm)
- Mindfulness activities
- Crafts for families- make things that spin and float in the wind!
- Face painting (from 1.30-3pm)
- Garden Cafe - serving solar brewed teas, and treats made using garden grown ingredients!
PPL PWR is a collective of students and organisations who lead workshops to celebrate and share research and ideas in the area of sustainable technology and innovation. 
Have you ever wanted to Build Your Own Solar Panel? 
PPL PWR are running a workshop to take you through the steps to do just that on Sunday 19th May at the Castle!
Info and booking: