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Real Nappy Week 28 April to 4 May 2014


The Castle is supporting Real Nappy Week 2014 with a display and information on our main staircase provided by the Hackney Real Nappy Network.

As a mum who has exclusively used real nappies, I'm really happy to be able to promote these.  They're easy to use, cheaper and will divert (on average) over 3000 nappies per child from landfill.  Our nappies have been camping and cragging with us and I actually find it a relief not to have to worry about whether we're ever going to run out.  And with baby number two on the way- our savings are going to be even greater!

Real nappies have never been easier to use, with many different options and a £50 voucher from most London boroughs for each child.

My top tips:

  • Get started immediately. I purchased our starter set before our son was born and we began using them straight out of hospital. The first few weeks/months can be hectic so getting it sorted before the birth is a good idea. Also, you can practice on stuffed animals rather than your child!
  • The Lyon Equipment Exped dry bags (available from The Castle Shop) are great bags to store soiled nappies in when travelling.
  • No need to soak, pre-wash or tumble dry.  The simplest and most environmentally friendly solution is to just wash as normal at 60 degrees and line dry. Do get a dedicated storage pail though to keep the smell down (as you would with disposable diapers).
  • Why not use re-usable wipes too? We have little terry squares that are more effective and absorbent than wipes. Again, no waste and saves money!

If you're considering using real nappies and would like some recommendations drop me an email or see these great websites:

  • The Nappy Lady - she knows her stuff! Great (and accurate) recommendations to help choose the right system for you.
  • Nappy Ever After - a shop dedicated to real nappies. Go in for a demo if you're undecided.
  • Go Real - the real nappy information service

Audrey Seguy, Managing Director