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Private Tuition Prices

£48/hr for one person
£72/hr for two people
£96/hr for three people

£120/hr for four people

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Private Tuition
**Due to COVID -19 restrictions, all course bookings must be made by people within the same household or support bubble. If you have an existing booking which doesn't fit this description, you will be contacted directly by the Castle team to discuss your options. **
Learn the hard skills to climb safely in London’s historic climbing centre!
Private climbing tuition is the perfect way to learn the hard skills of climbing either 1:1 or in a small group of your own choosing. The maximum group size for private tuition is four people per instructor.
For your private tuition, you set the agenda. Whatever skills you want to learn, simply let us know in advance and we’ll advise how long you’ll need to perfect your knowledge – you’ll only pay for as long as you need. Because you’re not in a class, there’s no formulaic syllabus and you can learn at your own pace. Common requests for private tuition include how to belay safely, learning dynamic belaying, better clipping and big walling.
Private Climbing Tuition in London
You’ll be assigned a qualified instructor that has passed the Castle’s strict safety standards and holds a relevant nationally recognised qualification.
We get a mix of climbers learning for the first time and refresher courses for those who haven’t been climbing for several years. You can book a one-off session or a series of sessions – it’s up to you – but please note it will take longer than just one hour for beginners to learn to climb. Private Tuition is charged at our hourly rates, so you can tailor it to exactly as long as you need. 
  • Learn 1:1 with experienced instructors
  • Be fully confident of your new skills
  • Learn at your own pace without a group

Get in touch with our friendly Bookings team who will be able to help advise or arrange your private tuition.


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