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Pre-registration from 2nd to 15th of June for prepaid customers


You may have seen our new iPads around Reception.  What's that about? Well, we're upgrading our entry system. If you have a payment plan (quarterly, six monthly, annual or Direct Debit) that expires after the 1st of July 2014 you will be able to pre-register and pick up your new membership card which will allow you to check yourself in from the 16th of June. Yes, that's right... no more waiting in queues while someone is completing their forms. You'll be able to go straight to self-check in.

We are anticipating longer queues during the first weeks of our new system so do make sure that you take this opportunity to pre-register.  Go to our Online Registration page for more information and to complete the forms. Everyone will need to re-register on our new system. This is for several reasons. First, we want to make sure that we have accurate information on our database.  Second, we're going paperless and we are moving away from having boxes and boxes of registration forms archived behind our climbing walls (you wouldn't believe how many boxes there are up there!) Third, the Association of British Climbing Walls requires all climbing walls to re-register their members every three years. This is to ensure that all members read the latest conditions of use and rules.

We're also launching our new Bouldering Induction Video. Although it's only required viewing for Bouldering Only members we recommend that everyone watch it.

Our new system brings with it many new changes, some of which may affect you.


All novice climbers will need to register onto our system, regardless of how old they are.  Each novice must complete a Novice Supervision Form with their Supervisor (a registered roped climber).  if the novice is under 12, a parent or guardian may complete the form on their behalf.  Novices may have an unlimited number of supervisors on their record. Once the novice is able to climb unsupervised they should complete a Unsupervised Climbing or Bouldering Registration Form and we will upgrade their record (for free).


From now (5th June), those eligible for concessions (see below) will be able to come in at any time without paying surcharge. Yes, that's right. You won't need to watch the clock to make the 4pm cut off anymore.  We will be putting up the price of a single concession visit from £7 to £7.50 (concessions only, children will still be able to come in for £7). Concessions will no longer be able to purchase bulk buys or annual memberships. The following prepaid plans will be available:

  • One month: £45
  • Three months: £100
  • Six months: £175

Concessions will need to bring proof of status whenever they are claiming their concession (either when they purchase a payment plan or when they are paying for their visit).  We will be giving concession entry to the following people:

  • Students (with a valid Student ID with an expiry date)
  • Unemployed / JSA
  • Disabled / PIP
  • Over 60 (no, you won't need to show proof of this each time you come in)

Please note that we have not made any changes to our trade and climbing wall employee discounts.