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Outdoor Boulders Grand Opening: Before And After!

Last night, with the sun smiling on us and the new boulders finished (on schedule, no less!), we hosted the Grand Opening of the new outdoor boulders!

There was plenty to celebrate. The turnout was superb. And thanks to lovely sunny weather and a glass or two of fizz to toast the new opening, there was soon a real party atmosphere as people came out to enjoy the start of the summer and some great climbing. 

The new top outs proved immediately popular. Standing on the top, having completed your problem with the sun on your back was a great feeling. We heard lots of positive feedback – we’re glad that the work paid off! 

Grand Opening Outdoor Boulders

It was the culmination of more than six months of hard work. Our previous outdoor boulders had put in a good innings over the last six years, but the time had come for them to honourably retire. We’ve kept an important piece of Castle history, though – the Featured boulder stays the same as it ever was, unchanged since it was first imagined back in 1995. 

Elsewhere it’s all change. We’re talking significantly bigger surface area for more variety, including a dizzying range of angles from 5 to 45-degree overhangs. We’ve blown the budget on new holds, for tastier routes to test yourself on. And perhaps most exciting of all, both of the new boulders are designed to top out. 

They’re safer too, with a new and improved climb down route on every boulder and a softer landing zone surrounding the boulders, created from recycled London bus tyres. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us, and everyone who sent us emails today saying how much you loved it – we really appreciate the feedback. 


Outdoor boulders before and after

Outdoor Boulders Before & After


Outdoor boulders before and after

Outdoor boulders before and after