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Tight Shoulders?


Osteopathy, sports massage and shiatsu four days a week at The Castle Climbing Centre. All practioners understand climbers because they’re climbers themselves. 
Call: 07825 711 096


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Personal Training

Personalised strength and conditioning? Try a personal training session! All PT's operate from the Castle making it that much easier to fit time in between climbs.

Janos Atkins Personal Training

Get fit with Janos, a REPS Level 3 personal trainer who can work with you at The Castle.
 07984 802 593

New Heights Fitness

Rich ‘Tricky’ Hudson is a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer, a Castle route setter and one of the Comp Squad coaches. He specialises in core stability training, nutrition, and climbing / sport specific training.

Personal Training
Train for Climbing
Kick Start your Training
Call: 07538 079 011

Mariam Al-Roubi The Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor

Mariam is a REP's reconised and fully insured personal trainer. She offers advice on nutrition and holds sessions wherever her clients would like to train: the Castle, gym, park or their home.
Call: 07828 445 134

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