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Castellers of London



Great follow up from the Castellers about their recent event held in our Garden... Here's what they had to say:

'Can you think of a better place to perform a human towers workshop and having a calcotada than in the garden at The Castle Climbing Centre? Neither could we!

Last weekend the Castellers of London had a great opportunity not only to show off our towers, but to invite new people to take part with us. Besides, the Castle had kindly allowed us to have a very special barbecue, a calçotada, afterwards!

Castells - a Catalan word that means castles – are a cultural tradition which consists of building human towers and happen in towns and villages all over Catalonia. Castellers teams are called 'colles', and ours has been going since 2015. Building Castells is welcome to all abilities and nationalities, anyone can take part - talent for climbing isn't a pre-requisite! All members of the colles are equally important, with the people at the bottom holding up the towers just as pivotal as those balancing at the top.

Some of our volunteers started the day early to have everything ready for when the late risers arrived. Like most Sunday's the rainy rehearsal started in the garden. Having good weather would have been too much to ask, but having grown accustomed to this, we continued through the rain. That would never happen in Catalonia! We then invited all the curious to take part and introduced them to the human tower tradition, the response could have not been more positive!

But the most anticipated moment was to come yet: the calçotada. A calçotada is a Catalan tradition, meeting with friends to eat calçots (a type of onion, which is long, and very similar to a leek) with tasty Romesco sauce. Some our members took part in a competition preparing this magnificent sauce, and the standard was surprisingly high!

Eventually, we had to go, but not without feeling that we had spend a wonderful day with friends and, hopefully, some new members of our growing family! If you want to find out more about our colla, when our performances are, and how you can join us please visit our Facebook page or our webpage.'