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New Parking Restrictions - Please read!


Parking Controls to be introduced at The Castle

Parking has always been a bit of an issue at The Castle, there’s just not enough of it! In the past we’ve tried our best to gain access to some of Thames Water’s land parking but both compounds need 24 hour service access with large vehicles so that’s not an option.

The parking situation has got so bad this year that it’s difficult to park even at 8am! And yes, a lot of vehicles belong to staff; we have our own share of builders, staff and setters working (and living) in their vans but that comes with the territory of running a climbing wall. The problem isn’t them but the increase in people using the road to park up all day whilst they go off to work somewhere else.

So what are we doing about it?

We want to provide some parking spaces for Castle Customers and Staff ONLY.
The Castle has control of a designated part of the road that runs down the side of the centre.
Parking will still be FREE in this zone for CUSTOMERS & STAFF.
Within this zone we’re introducing new parking restrictions.

When does it Start?

Saturday 1st October 2016

Where is the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)?

From the main gate (Green Lanes) down to the end of the buildings (both sides of the road).
The road beyond is the responsibility of Hackney Council  (from main gates of Thames Water compound).
There will be a sign informing people where the end of the controlled parking zone is.

Parking within the Controlled Parking Zone

FREE to park for Castle customers and staff.
Customers must enter their registration number (on an IPad) AFTER they have registered to climb.
This will entitle you to park for FREE for that day only (up to midnight).
Customers should not leave their cars here overnight as they will be ticketed.
If you do not provide us with your Reg No each visit you will be ticketed.

The Controlled Parking Zone will be monitored 7 days a week by PPS

Beyond the Controlled Parking Zone

The road beyond the CPZ will not be controlled by us and has no parking controls at the moment.

Any complaints need to be directed to Private Parking Solutions.
As PPS are a member of the British Parking Association they subscribe to an independent arbitration service (POPLA)
that will deal with any complaints you remain unhappy with the response from PPS
tel. 01895 713136