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Access Auto Belay course


1 Hour Course   £15

Saturdays and Sundays

What are the Benefits?

Access to More Climbing!

We have a dedicated auto belay room with a total of 18 routes from 4+ to 7a (check this is right) plus 4 more auto belays on the ground floor. For Bouldering Only members doing the course would open up all these new routes in the centre.

FREE bolt-on Membership

Once you’ve completed the course you will receive a free bolt-on to your Bouldering Only Membership meaning you can use the auto belays anytime we are open.
**Please note: This is not available as a stand-alone registration. You have to be registered with us already.

Includes FREE ENTRY and Unlimited Climbing (on the day of the course)

Also includes equipment hire for the duration of the course.

Auto Belay Safety and Understand the Mechanics

Learn how to put on a harness, attach yourselves to the auto belay safely and understand the mechanics of the machine.
In 2015 we ran a Customer Survey and asked customers why they hadn’t used the auto belays. Our survey said…..

  • I don’t trust them
  • I don’t know how to use them
  • I don’t own the relevant equipment and didn’t know I could hire it

This course isn’t just for Bouldering Only members. If you haven’t given them a go yet and are a bit wary, this 1 hour introduction would be enough to give you the confidence to get on and try! We will tell you how it works and how to do your own safety checks.

TruBlue Auto Belay Training Program Included

Pick up tips on how to use the auto belays as a training tool and receive a training program (produced by TruBlue).