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New Technique Clinics


Coming Soon - Castle Climbing Technique Clinics!

Now that the dust has settled on the New Year and many people’s resolutions are starting to flag, we thought we would come up with something to reinvigorate everyone’s good intentions – a series of clinics where you can pick up key tips and tricks on specific techniques from our experienced climbing coaches and have all your technique questions answered!

Each Technique Clinic will be a small group session (1:6 coach to client ratio) focused on an individual technique or aspect of climbing such as Overhangs, Slopers and Slabs. Lasting an hour, you will get to workshop the movement skills with the other participants in real climbing contexts, while our coaches provide individual feedback and guidance.

These clinics could be the perfect kicking off point for a general session at the Castle and they will help you identify and correct those bad movement habits. Hopefully, you’ll be left with little excuse for not upping your grade! 

The clinics will run twice a month on weekends (starting in March). So, if you’re keen to improve your climbing and are currently operating in the  V0 – V3/4 (French 5 – 6c/7a) range look out for the posters around the centre and keep checking the website for when the bookings go live!