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Fruit Scrumping & Juicing


We are in the season of autumnal abundance, with harvests occurring all over London’s gardens, growing sites and city farms. Hedgerows are plentiful and trees are laden with sweet fruits ready for the picking. Yet in many gardens around the city a great deal of fruit falls to the ground every year simply to return to the earth rather than feeding people. At the same time as this natural supply is ready to drop, the UK is importing apples and pears from countries as diverse as France, New Zealand and the South Africa.

Over the past month, Castle ‘Pomme-rads’ have been scrumping apples and pears from all over Hackney and Haringey in an attempt to reduce how much fruit is wasted. Some trees have called for harnesses to be worn, whilst others have been more accommodating. Either way, the crew’s passion for climbing and combatting waste has gone hand in hand.
The diversity of fruit has been impressive this year! Out of the varieties that we have been able to identify we’ve picked Conference, Pink, and wild pears, plus Cox, Golden Delicious and Bramley apples. There was also one that tasted just like a Granny Smith…

On the 17th October The Castle will be running an apple & pear pressing workshop from 10am till 5pm.

We’ll be crushing and juicing fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste around North London’s gardens, turning them into delicious juices for our café and garden events. There will also be games in the garden for kids to enjoy!

Have you got an apple or pear tree in your garden, or is one dropping fruit all over a street near you?  Let us know and we’ll come and help you out with a harvest! Alternatively, bring your own apples and pears on the 17th October and we’ll give you some juice to take away (bring your own bottle!).

Contact Edd on 075 8000 7740 or email Harvests can take place Mon-Wed from 5pm onwards and all day Thursdays and Fridays.

If you’re reading this after the 17th still get in touch and we’ll save your details for next year’s harvest! If you don’t live near the Castle there are still lots of great fruit picking projects going on around London. Here are a few:

Abundance London     Transition Brockley        Hackney Harvest    
Incredible Edible Lambeth           Organic Lea          
Transition Kensal to Kilburn     Urban Harvest

Written by Edd Colbert