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Garden Events, Summer 2014

Arts, crafts and environmental education, for children and families:

Children’s Yoga and Nature Crafts, 24.07.14
2 sessions led by Lauren on a very sunny day in July. The children enjoyed being part of a special Castle Garden yoga adventure; encountering foxes, dogs, herons and frogs along the way, and creating beautiful art from clay. 


Please contact Lauren if you are interested in Children’s Yoga at the Castle:

The Castle Garden Party 2014
At the Garden Party children learned how to make compostable plant pots, which they decorated and took home, filled with compost and bee-friendly flower seeds.
One of our garden apprentices tested people’s preconceptions about food by offering people very tasty mealworm cookies and stir-fried grasshoppers. Her research explores Entomophagy (the practice of eating insects, especially by people) and sustainable food sources for the future.

Bushcraft and Creative Fun Family Session, 15.08.14
Families attended an entertaining day learning some important survival skills: how to build and light a fire outdoors with bushcraft expert Luke.  After gathering in the roundhouse and chatting about the basics of fire, the families set about practicing with firestrikers. Soon all had mastered the technique with impressive consistency.


They created beautiful leaf printed diaries to take home as a record of the day. Luke lit a couple of fine examples of fires that could be made on wet ground and used for cooking on. By the end of the session all had lit a fire with materials they could gather themselves, and had knowledge of what to take in their fire lighting kit, when camping or on a wilderness adventure. Celebrating with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows! 


Garden Arty Crafty Day, a free event for families, 30.08.14 
Children and parents enjoyed a relaxed and immersive afternoon experimenting with mark making and creating beautiful pictures inspired by the nature around them. They also explored and learned about the Garden, collecting stamps along the Habitat Trail. 
Garden apprentice Lucy, introduced children to some garden worms, and they helped her to create a scrumptious “compost menu” for the worms.