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Review of Gimme Kraft by Ben Berisha in the shop.


Gimme Kraft
Reviewed by Ben Berisha (shop staff)

Gimme Kraft is the new training bible from the trainers & coach of Alex Megos, the new wonder kid to emerge out of Germany with the first on-sight of the grade French 9a. Megos is a testament to the effectiveness of a consistent scientific approach to climbing training.

The book is attractive and well laid out. It is divided into eight sections, all of the exercises in each section being related to a certain piece of equipment. The book is beautifully illustrated with colour photos for EVERY exercise, so you are never lost on how to do each one. Interwoven between the sections are mini-interviews with well known climbers which is a really nice feature and keeps the book exciting to look through. It also has a nice DVD which is full of clips illustrating how to do exercises and interviews.

Logical would be the best word to describe Gimme Kraft. All the information is easily digestible and doesn't require a degree in sports science to understand. There is a huge array of exercises to keep you busy from beginner to pro and more. Gimme Kraft gives you no shortage of inspiration on exercises, allowing you to pluck exercises that are relevant and suitable for your training and add them to your arsenal. If you have ever looked up at the campus board and felt a lack of motivation then this is your book! The section on training that can be done on the boulderwall is fresh and exciting, allowing you to mix it up when edges of wood lose their interest!

If you are expecting the book to do the training for you then you may want to look somewhere else. A bit of effort is required in learning some of the exercises and to execute them in correct form but this is true for any new exercises you are planning to add to your training. The only thing the book falls short on is the requirement of specific equipment to complete the exercises in certain sections such as Peg Board and Rings. However maybe this book will help lead the way in forcing climbing centres to get up to date with the equipment necessary for serious varied training...
Gimme Kraft is a must have for anyone serious about training for climbing or who likes a more scientific approach to their training. The subheading on the book says "Effective climbing training" and that is exactly how I would sum up the book.. no faffing about!