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Climb Catalunya Trip


Reaching New Heights

Climb Catalunya’s new trip: Nov 30th to 7th Dec 2013

Want to take your climbing to a new level and treat yourself to some winter sun? This trip offers motivated climbers just that opportunity. Aimed at people who feel happy trying to lead 6a or 6b or above (European sports grades) this trip will offer you all the right conditions to push your grade on some of Catalunya's finest rock lines.

This week is aimed at the following type of climber:
• Those that are keen to try to lead 6a/6b or above (even if you’re not quite there yet)
• People who climb at least once a week – indoors or outside
• People who want to gain confidence in sports climbing and be more independent at the crag
• People climbing in the 6’s or 7’s who feel stuck in their progression

How is it different to other Climb Catalunya trips?
All Climb Catalunya trips offer great climbing on quality rock with dedicated team leaders to guarantee you an excellent holiday. They offer relaxation, fun, the chance to explore many different types of rock and beautiful surroundings. Reaching New Heights has the same emphasis on fun but with a slightly different structure and focus.  We will go to a maximum of 3 crags (often different to those visited on High Gorges trips) and go back to the same place two or three times so people can repeat routes. With the focus on sports climbing people will learn how to red-point, how to safely warm up on routes which are normally their maximum lead grade, learn how to project a route and how to bail out safely if necessary.

We will offer one to one feedback, filming and identify main areas for individual progression throughout the week. There will also be a chance to pick up tips on warm up and warm down techniques, injury prevention, strengthening exercises, stretching and the importance of core strength development.

This week is not a formal course but an opportunity to gain insights from climbers with many years of experience in an accessible and informal learning environment. We can’t guarantee improvement - the hard graft of getting better is up to you! – but we are completely committed to helping you improve your grade and your confidence, try out some harder lines and - most importantly - get the maximum pleasure out of your climbing experience.

What else?
December frequently see this part of the world bathed in winter sunshine and offers a huge array of south facing crags in mint condition. It's usually warm enough to climb in a t-shirt but not so hot that the holds get all greasy and you're too sun baked to push yourself to your fullest. Plus being that much closer to the equator means you can get a full day of climbing in rather than sloping home in the dark at 3.30pm!

Our base at the Eco-Refugio in the beautiful, cliff side village of Abella de la Conca offers a fantastic place for post climbing recuperation. Delicious, home cooked vegetarian meals, steaming hot solar showers, comfy sofas round the stove, plenty of motivational climbing literature and films to inspire you and even a wood-fired sauna to heal well worked muscles.

For more information on the location visit www.facebook/abella.climb

Cost of trip is £395 all inclusive (flights not included)
Trip numbers are limited to 8 places
A minimum 70m length climbing rope and set of quick draws are required.

For more information contact: phone: 020 8211 1061