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BMC Leading Ladder


The BMC Leading Ladder is a fun lead climbing competition running at 28 UK walls from 2 November 2013 to 23 February 2014. Each participating wall will set ten BMC Leading Ladder routes ranging from F5+ to 8a.  You will have two weeks in which to climb these routes. At the end of the series there will be a Grand Final on 22 March 2014.  To be considered for the final you must compete in at least two rounds.

Taking Part
There will be four age/gender categories:  Female / Male under 16 and Female / Male 16+

To take part all you need do is purchase a scorecard (£1) from the hosting wall: complete it and return it to the wall at the end of the round.  Walls will then send the scorecards to the BMC for inclusion in the results.

Competitor rankings from each round of the series will be published after each round has finished. No scores will be published with the rankings. Scores will be published at the end of the series when each age/gender category will be split into three ability categories: Elite, Intermediate and Novice.  A climber’s final result will be their average score over the number of rounds they have completed.

Qualifying for the final
The ten highest scoring climbers from each of the ability categories will qualify for the Grand Final. You must be a BMC member to take part in the final.  If a category quota is not full there will be no substitutions for climbers who have not competed in at least 2 rounds.

Venues & dates 2013/2014

Round One: 2 to 17 November                           
North West Face (Warrington)                              
Boulders (Cardiff)                                                  
Glasgow Climbing Centre                                      
Lakeland Climbing Centre (Kendal)                       
The Reach (London)      

Round Two: 16 November to 1 December  
The Castle Climbing Centre
The Leeds Wall
The Foundry (Sheffield)
Climb Rochdale            

To view details of rounds 3 to 6, please visit the BMC website