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GOLD for GB Junior Bouldering Team


The GB junior bouldering team has ended the season on an all-time high, with team captain Nathan Phillips winning gold at the European Youth Cup (EYC) in Laval, France on Saturday 12 October.

In July, the 19-year-old from Holmfirth, now ranked second in the world, became the first-ever junior Brit to get a podium place in a European youth bouldering event, coming third place in L’Argentiere.

This weekend in Laval, Nathan came first in the male junior category, while team mate William Bosi also got a podium place with a fantastic third in the male youth B category. The whole team put in great performances and Peter Dawson also made his final, coming 5th in male youth B.

This is the first year that the Team GB has fielded a full squad of junior competitors in bouldering. The team has been working hard behind the scenes, and the results speak for themselves.

Nathan Phillips said: “This has been the best competition of the year by far. The team has truly bonded and this has led to great performances throughout. I'm sad to be leaving as I move into the senior team but I’m sure the team will continue to progress. I’m looking forward to returning to support next year in a different capacity.”

Assistant Manager Clive Phillips said: “This weekend the GB Team, both junior and para were an integral part of a spectacular showcase provided by the city of Laval. We feel the standard of event was raised significantly and our athletes rose to that challenge fantastically.”

Tom Greenall, junior bouldering team coach and manager: “We are incredibly proud of our team and what we have achieved this year. This competition marked the climax of 12 months hard work. We have truly raised the profile of GB competition climbing in this discipline and I think that Europe can expect a lot more from us in 2014.”

Results of the GB Team are as follows:

Male juniors
Nathan Phillips   - 1st

Male youth A
Hamish Potokar – 8th
Alex Waterhouse – 15th

Male youth B
William Bosi – 3rd
Peter Dawson – 5th
Edward Mabon - 7th
James Mabon - 18th

Female junior
Jennifer Wood  – 8th

Female youth A
Tara Hayes – 9th
Molly Thompson-Smith – 11th
Rachel Carr –13th
Gracie Martin – 16th

Female youth B
Alexia Basch – 7th
Sidonie Graham – 17th