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Castle to Castle Cycle - Blog 6

Monday 22nd July

Deggendorf – Linz: Distance: 167km

We’re calling this day Two Wobbly Wheels and One Flat Tyre

Having exchanged details with a Belgian guy called Danny who was on his 5th long distance cycle trip, we decided to take a short cut across some hills rather than follow the Danube. Two hours in and Geraldine had another tantrum and my back wheel gave out again. This time the bend was bad and the wheel rubbed against the frame. Asking some locals we found a bike shop in Vilshofen, costing us a two hour wait, a 20km detour and more money spent on the wheel.

With a new spoke and trued wheel we set off from Vilshofen. We arrived at Passau and Geraldine got a puncture. By this time it was really hot and we were getting fed up.

I quickly changed the inner tube and we set off determined to get somewhere today. We set our sights on Linz, 90km away. This was a nice route, following the banks of the Danube. It was our first time cycling at night as we approached Linz, although nearly getting hit by an overtaking car was almost too much excitement for us.

Getting into Linz after dark my back wheel failed AGAIN!.... great!

Coupled with this we had broken our rule and hadn’t sorted out anywhere to stay. Heading to a bar we drank a couple beers and got more or less drunk. This made everything seem better. Eventually after dragging ourselves and the broken bike to every four star hotel in town we managed to find a campsite and pitch our tents in the dark.

Good night everyone, sorry but I’m too tired to finish this tonight.

Zoltan and Jack