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Castle to Castle cycle - Blog 5


Friday 19th July

Weidersbrunn- Wurzburg: Distance: 60km

This day turned out to be a bit of a bummer (again), and seemingly the low point  of the trip.

My fantastic navigation this time took us up into another forest and this time we lost any sign of a trail. In the process my long suffering bike/ girlfriend for the trip (Geraldine) decided to break a spoke and bend a wheel. Limping into Wurzburg we wasted a lot of time getting the wheel trued.

As the next campsite was over 100km away and we’d wasted a lot of time sorting out Geraldine, we decided to have our first half day. We found a campsite by the river Main and enjoyed some much needed chill out time.

Today’s lesson;
1. Make sure you know how to fix everything on your bike! Neither of us was able to fix a wobbly wheel or carried the tool to do so.

Saturday 20th July

Wurzburg-Neumarkt:  Distance: 150km

Having slept well we were up early and were soon making great time with Zoltan leading the charge. We have become road warriors, and every day sees us heading into battle. Our chamois cream has become warrior cream and our cycle clothes are armour.

Today we pushed hard and were both feeling strong. And had covered 60km before lunchtime. Originally planning to stop over in Nuremburg, we hit this at 2pm and decided to push another 50 km to Neumarkt. We camped overnight at a very strange woodland campsite which time seemed to have forgotten.

Sunday 21st July

Neumarkt – Deggensdorf: Distance: 143km

Another great day! We have recovered from our little slump :-)

Leaving the campsite early again we struggled to find an open shop to buy was Sunday. Therefore we don't eat enough which was not ideal.

The first half day was spent uphill. The fills felt especially hard today, especially with our lack of food. However we soon conquered these and we're in Regensburg by 12pm with another 60km before lunch. Feeling confident we shot off straight down the Danube, which we joined for the first time today!! Actually we are writing this whilst dipping our feet in the river.

It was probably our hottest day today and we slowed as we approached our campsite. The last 10k felt hard. Showered and fed we’re feeling ready for tomorrow. We will be heading more or less along the Danube from now on.

Today’s Lessons;
1. Stock up with food before a Sunday.
2. If you don't eat enough, you can’t cycle hard.

Every day’s a school day!

About 600km to go.....

We're not sure how many people are reading this, but if anyone has comments or questions, please fire then through to the Castle Climbing Face Book page.

We also wanted to thank everyone for their support so far.

Zoltan and Jack