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Castle to Castle (London to Budapest) Cycle - Blog 1

Welcome to our blog!

Zoltan & I (Jack) both work in the Castle Café. We both have an interest in cycling and have both worked with bikes – myself as a courier and Zoltan delivering lunches to offices in central London.

Zoltan who is from Hungary had for a while been considering cycling home and when this was mentioned to me over a game of pool, the idea for a trip was born.The trip for us started out as more of a fitness challenge and as a means of getting home. But it has evolved into something more.

Adapting to the Castle’s drive for sustainability and in an effort to provide an environmentally friendly resource, our adventure has taken on a green colour. We want to now examine whether cycling as a means of long distance travel is really feasible in modern Europe and, if so, how easily and comfortably can it be done. We want to demonstrate the physical, mental, cultural and environmental benefits of green & sustainable travel over other travel forms.

The plan is to depart from the Castle w/c 15th July (date tbc). From there we will cycle to Budapest, following the course of the Danube River, ending at Budacastle. We will pass through Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, and into Hungary.

A total of 1200 miles.

Along the way we will stay in hostels and camp. We will endeavour to post regular updates and photos on our blog and Facebook as we make our way towards Hungary. We hope to make you as excited about our adventure as we are! Please stay tuned to the blog to see details of our planning and preparation for the trip and a continuing feed as we progress towards Budapest.

Thanks, Jack & Zoltan