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There are four types of climbing that you can do at The Castle: 

Bouldering - climbing on shorter walls, without a rope above crash mats.  

Top Roping - climbing on longer walls, with a fixed rope. The rope runs from the belayer at the bottom of the route to an anchor system at the top and back down to the climber.

Lead Climbing - climbing on longer walls, without a fixed rope. As the climber ascends the route, they clip the rope into safety equipment attached to the wall.

Autobelay – this is an automatic device that takes up slack as the climber ascends the wall and controls the decent, eliminating the need for a belay partner.

If you would like to use our roped facilities, you will need to be able to put on a harness, tie in and belay someone safely. We offer Learn to Climb courses that teach you these skills. 


You don’t need much equipment to climb indoors. You can start bouldering with just a pair of rock climbing shoes.  If you want to top-rope you'll also need a harness, belay device and a locking carabiner.  Most climbers also have a chalk bag to keep their hands from slipping on the holds. You can hire all of this equipment from The Castle Shop. Helmets are also available to hire from the shop.

Want to know more? Drop the Castle shop an email or give us a ring (020 8211 1080).

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