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Change to Novice Forms

We are changing the way in which we admit novices for climbing.....

Currently, the form is ‘attached’ to the supervisor’s record and the novices are not a customer in their own right on our entry system. We wish to change this and ensure each novice that climbs here has their own record.

From Thursday 23rd July all novices and their supervisors will be required to fill in a new novice form if they want to continue to climb together as novice and supervisor. Just as before, if the combination of supervisor and novice changes, a new form has to be filled out.

This new form will then be attached to the novice rather than the supervisor’s record. If (or when) the novice climber changes their proficiency level we will simply attach the new forms and change their status as they progress with us. If they are over 16, they also get their own membership card.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that you need to inform your novices of the changes about to happen. To avoid queues and delays at the front desk we advise that you go to our website and fill out the novice form online
You will still need to come to the reception desk with your novice(s) in order that the novice registration process is completed correctly but if you have the form done in advance it will save you time.

We have also made some changes to the new novice form so please read it carefully and ensure your answers are correct. We cannot make any changes for you once the form has been submitted and you will be asked to fill out the form again if there are any errors.

We apologise if you have only just filled in a form for your novice (particularly to those with young children that you bring frequently) but the change is a necessary one. Once done we will not require you to do this again for another 3 years.

You only need to fill out a new form if you wish to bring in the novice for future visits.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us and we will try our best to help. If you forgot to fill out the form online, don’t worry you can do it here on our IPads in reception, it just means there will be a delay for you getting into the centre as we can get very busy, especially evenings and weekends.

Thank you for your patience

The Castle Team