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New Castle Mobile App!

So we’ve dragged ourselves into the 21st Century and developed a mobile phone app for The Castle!

To download the app, just go to your app store and search for ‘Castle Climbing’. It’s as easy as that!

So why now? 

Well it’s an obvious step for climbing walls to have an app which customers can use to register their visits each time they come to the centre. It means you can get rid of the little plastic cards which often snap and get lost, and for us it’s a great way to help reduce the reliance on plastic products.

At thmoment the app has basic functionality:

  • Register your visit via your phone
  • Provides details of your climbing proficiency level (belay or bouldering)
  • Provides details of your membership plan and lets you know when your punch card/membership plan runs out
  • Receive News Feed updates from the website – never miss out on another event or job opportunity
  • Receive Castle Twitter feed

It’s very easy to navigate; all you have to do is:

  • Go to Google Play or Apple App Store and search ‘Castle Climbing’

    • Visit Reception on your next visit and they will do the rest.

    The Future?

    In the past, a number of walls have tried to design an app that lets you log indoor climbs or provide topos of circuits but it’s never quite worked. Indoor boulder circuits and routes are in a constant state of change so unlike outdoor crag topos, developers have found it difficult in coming up with something that can be updated often to let you track your ascents.

    Vertical-Life Climbing seem to have figured this out and are currently testing a new climbing app for use at indoor walls.

    It’s an online platform that lets you track your indoor ascents and also see what your friends climbing. Being able to track your climbs in this way will help you to see how your performance is improving over time. The app offers circuits that everyone who has the app can climb and compare.

    At the moment, the new ‘Smart Climbing Gym’ app is being tested at a number of European Walls including Café Kraft. The Castle have initiated talks with Vertical-Life about a similar platform to integrate with this current app we've developed, hopefully some time in 2017.

    Watch this space!