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Memberships, E-Billing & Punch Card Update: FAQs

Annual Pre-Paid Memberships

IMPORTANT: Your Annual plan has been converted to the new Access Pass, valid for the duration of your old annual. Don’t worry, we’ve added the time between closure and now so you’ve not lost out. Please read on for more information. 

Why can't I just have my old membership back the same as before?

Due to the need for pre-booked slots we cannot offer you completely unrestricted climbing. By moving you onto the new Access Pass you get 75% climbing time included plus all the new benefits at an 8% discount over the new Access Pass. (see full Castle Access Pass Benefits)

I have an Annual Plus membership. Can I still bring two children included in the price?

Yes! You can continue to bring in your children as part of your Annual until it expires. Just make sure you book their slots too!

Can I freeze my membership?

Unfortunately we cannot offer freezes as flexibly as before. As we have moved everyone over onto the new style pass we cannot extend the validity of the old Annuals. Freeze requests based on illness/injury will be considered on request to

Will I be able to renew my annual?

Annuals are no longer an option for new customers however we are committed to honouring current Annuals. When your Annual has expired you can purchase an Access Pass for all the same benefits.

How do I reactivate my Annual?

Your Annual is currently frozen. When you’re ready to climb simply book your slot online using the relevant membership option and your annual and your plan will reactivate. Don’t worry, we’ll add the time between closure and now so you’ve not lost out.

I‘m not ready to return just yet. Will my Annual remain frozen?

We understand that this is an uncertain time. If you wish to keep your Annual frozen for a bit longer that’s fine. We are offering a maximum 3 month extension to Annuals until the end of the year at which point they will automatically restart. Please note, if you choose to leave your plan frozen until Dec 31st no refunds can be given.


I don’t want to return. Can I have a refund?

If you no longer wish to climb at The Castle you may request a prorated refund. Requests must be made in writing to

Punch Cards

I have a Punch Card. Can I still use it?

Yes! Please just book your slots online. No extra fees will be taken.
Your Punch Card is valid for two years from the date of purchase. But don’t worry, we’ve extended the expiry date for valid punch cards and added the time between closure and now, so you’ve not lost any time. 
Punch Cards are still available to purchase as a block of 11 visits at a discounted rate, but they don’t come with the same great benefits as the Access Pass!



Will I be able to restart my e-Billing?

E-Billing is no longer an option for new customers. Instead we have the new Castle Access Pass.


Castle Acces Pass

We have a general FAQs for our new Castle Access Pass which can be found here: FAQs