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Castle Climbing Mask Policy

With the government’s announced changes to mask wearing regulations around the country, and the fact we are definitely hitting Big Coat Weather ™, the Castle wants to reiterate our mask wearing policy in the centre. 

Evidence suggests transmission mainly happens indoors in close proximity to others. So our policy is that masks should be worn inside the building whenever you are not actively climbing, including when you are belaying. We ask that you wear a mask whenever you are standing in the Café – when you’re ordering at the till and upon entry and exit. You should wear a mask in the Shop too. Essentially, if your feet are on the ground, your mask must be on your face, unless you are exempt.

By doing this, you’ll help to keep your fellow climbers and our staff safe. It’ll help us and other climbing walls around London stay open and for you to keep climbing through the winter months. None of us want to be in a position where the Castle has to close its doors again (touch wood we won’t end up there) but this is the best way we have to prevent that. 


Our staff team will be checking up on mask wearing around the centre, especially when you’re moving between climbing areas. Our front of house team always wear their masks whenever they’re helping you by checking safety, welcoming you at Reception, or teaching any of our courses, and we ask that you show them the same respect by wearing yours when you’re interacting with them too. They’re here at work ensuring your safety and comfort, and we ask that you extend the same courtesy to them. 

We also ask you to remember that some members of our climbing community have invisible and visible health conditions which make them more vulnerable - by wearing your mask you are helping to protect them too, and enable them to continue to climb at the centre. 

Thank you in advance for wearing your mask around the Castle.