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All of our staff clothing is made with organic cotton and printed using water-based inks.

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The League of Honour

The League of Honour caters for both new and improving climbers who are working they way through the grades and our hard-core regulars. The League will be based on two sets of results and each climber will be entered into both leagues, this is how it works:

General Format

The leagues offer a great way of tracking your progress from beginners to elite climbers. There will be a new round of the League with every Comp Wall set. There are four categories:

  • Under 16 Boys
  • Under 16 Girls
  • Open Male
  • Open Female

There will be 30 problems on each set:

  • 10 x VB to V1
  • 10 x V1 to V4
  • 10 x V4 and above

Individual scores will automatically be entered into both the Improvers' and Masters' Leagues.

Score sheets are £1 which will be donated to Climbers Against Cancer .  Score sheets will be available from reception from the first day of the set and you have until the next scheduled re-set to complete as many problems as you can. Scoring is based on an honesty system:

  • 10 points for successfully topping the problem in 1 attempt
  • 7 points for 2nd attempt
  • 3 points for 3rd attempt
  • 1  point for successfully topping the problem in any number of attempts after that.

The League scores will last 6 months at which point the results are collated for that series and the next series starts.

Improvers' League

The Improvers' League scores will be based on the points difference between each round. A total of 5 scores will be added at the end of the series.

Example: If in Round 1 you score 100 points and in Round 2 you score 130 points your score will be 30 points after month 2.

Beginners or improving climbers have the best chance of performing well in the league. The most improved scores in each category will win Castle Vouchers worth £30, £20, £10.

Masters' League

The Masters' League will be based on your total score each round. The 6 highest scores of each category are invited to the Grand Finals evening.  The Grand Finals will be a spectacular event on the Comp Wall with DJ, lights and fun. Finals will be based on the World Cup format with 3 minutes plus to climb 3 blocs. Cash prizes of £100, £50 and £25 and Castle Vouchers will be available to win in the Grand Final.

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