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Garden Events

Throughout the lighter and warmer months we run a programme of events and workshops in the garden to learn new skills and explore your local environment.

Email if you have any questions.

Please come along between 11.30 am and 12.30 pm to sign up and exchange your clothes for tokens. The clothes swap will take place from 1.30 pm until 3.30 pm.

In between you can relax in the garden and enjoy some lunch or tea and cake from the cafe, or have a climb!

What to bring: 

- up to 15 items, clean and in good condition, which you think someone else will enjoy wearing. You can bring more if they are children's clothes. 

- men's, women's, and children's clothes/shoes/hats etc. Everyday items, as well as jackets and more expensive/designer items.

How it works:

Exchange like for like, or 3 everyday item tokens for 1 designer item/pair of shoes.


Any questions, please contact Lauren:

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