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eBilling Has Arrived!!

The Castle's new electronic billing application provides customers with the ability to electronically settle payment with ease.

There is no minimum sign up; you just pay monthly for climbing for as long as you like and then cancel it whenever. Very simple!

It costs exactly the same as the now defunct Direct Debit at £49 a month and is pro-rated on purchase.

eBilling is a monthly recurring billing from an authorised credit or debit card. It must be set up at Reception and not over the phone or online. The service is supported by our helpful Reception staff who can facilitate payments or be contacted directly by you to give assistance and answer questions.

This is a great move forwards for the Castle as we move towards going paperless. eBilling results in a significant reduction in the use of paper and can produce substantial savings to traditional print & mail billing and payment remittance.

eBilling details:

  • eBilling plans authorise The Castle to take a single recurring payment from a supplied credit/debit card once per calendar month.
  • The card holder needs to be present to set up the E-billing payment plan but the cardholder can be someone other than the member for whom the payment plan is purchased.
  • The agreement should be terminated by email at least 7 days prior to the billing date or the payment may still be taken. Please email for cancelations.
  • Billing date will be the 7th of each month.
  • eBilling plans cannot be frozen or refunded but they can be terminated by yourself at any time. There is no minimum sign up.

** Please be aware, this is not a Direct Debit. Our Direct Debit product is no longer available for those wishing to start a DD.

** Those already on DD don't panic, we aren't going to cancel your membership!! We will be contacting everyone in the next few weeks to let you know what your options are.

For more information contact Reception on 020 8211 7000 or email eBillingTerms & Conditions can be found here