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Bringing Dogs to The Castle Climbing Centre: 101


If you are thinking of bringing your dog climbing in London, then here’s everything you need to know. 

Can I bring my dog climbing?

Different indoor walls have different policies. At the Castle, you can bring your dog as long as it’s off peak – meaning weekdays before 6pm. 

During our busier, peak hours you will not be able to climb with your dog. If you’re unsure, please call ahead – don’t just show up with your dog as we may have to turn you away. 

Does my dog need to be on a lead?

Yes. Dogs in the centre must be kept on a lead at all times – including in the garden. 

When you are climbing, your dog needs to be tied up so they don’t wander off. Please note, you cannot use the ground anchor points for this! 

Can my dog go into the garden?

Yes! Your dog must be kept on a lead whilst in the garden. We have children at the centre, as well as a beehive, so your dog needs to be with you and on a lead.

We have also sadly had some issues with people not cleaning up after their dogs properly. Apart from this simply not being very nice, we also have children who play in the garden, which means this is absolutely not acceptable. Not to mention that our garden is a permaculture garden where we grow the salad, fruits and vegetables we serve in our café!! 

If dog owners do not clear up after their dogs we will have no choice but to not allow dogs at the centre, which would be a shame for everyone. 

Is there anywhere my dog is not allowed?

Dogs must never be allowed onto the mats. This presents a safety risk for both your dog and the climbers around them, so they must be kept tied up nearby. Please also keep them off the furniture. 

Unfortunately if your dog is poorly behaved then you will be asked to leave the centre.