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Weekly Development Update - 17 April 2013


This week has been all about our new OUTDOOR BOULDERS!!!! They're here and they're...big. There is still some work to be done to get them in place. Two of them (the red and grey ones) were built off site and brought in by truck yesterday. The third one will be assembled on site from the old featured wall that was by the cafe. The landing will be recycled shredded rubber.  The boulders don't have any t-nuts in them- we're going to be screwing the holds directly onto the skin.

Now that the weather has finally turned, I'm starting to get really excited about having something to play on outside this summer!

Indoors, we're finishing the fireproofing of the underside of the gantry level (above the Cafe). Although the Loft Boulder and Gantry Boulering wall are built, we still need to finish the stairwell that will give access to them. We expect to open this area early June.